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    My mom is a flower and nature lover and can identify hundreds of species. So buying her birthday flowers is always a bit unnerving because I want her to have something spectacular that includes lovely things she cannot name! So I called Russ at Thousand Oaks florist and told him of my predicament. At 12:05, just minutes after the promised Noon delivery, my mom called - excited and happy, yelling into the phone that she just received a delivery of flowers, 1/2-of which she had to look up!! Ha!! I got her!! I can't thank Russ enough for really "hearing" me then going on to arrange such a beautiful arrangement! Thanks so much for making my mom's day super special!

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    A great flower shop that performed exactly as required. My wife ordered some flowers for a friend's wedding. Not only did this flower shop have it ready in time, they were expecting me. Everything was wonderful.

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    I've only used their convenient delivery service through their website,, but they have provided absolutely INCREDIBLE service and flowers every time. I've ordered flowers about half a dozen times now, and never once did they disappoint. My family members and friends have told me the delivery people are extremely friendly, and have said the flowers are always absolutely gorgeous and professionally, beautifully arranged. The flowers always seem to "keep" pretty well, too...I've gone to recipients' houses a week or so after and the flowers still look beautiful.

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